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To create a group of fabulously wealthy traders who will use their influence and money to make a better society for everyone...

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Why do some make fortunes

whilst others just lose?

There is no secret answer to this question, but there is a holy grail in trading...Education.

Every trader has to know three important steps:

When to buy

When to sell

When to stay out!

There are some simple ways that anyone can become a successful trader, provided you are prepared to be patient, disciplined and dedicated.

No one is born to be a trader, everyone has a journey of similar path, it is the trader who dedicates time to learning that will become successful. There are some things that traders learn as they progress, and occasionally a book comes along that breaks new ground or explains phenomenon that many others have not considered.

Trading with the Gods is such a book, written clearly, with heaps of chart examples and in plain language for any level of trader. We look at stocks, Foreign exchange, Futures, commodities...all markets act similarly because they are all subject to greed, fear and panic.

A trader reference library!

The magic and mystery of these buildings will continue forever. I don't think we will ever know who built them or why, or where the advanced building and architectural skills came from. These incredible structures are thought to be 4500 years old, although some have suggested they are over 11,000 years old.

Were they really a tomb for a king or much, much more than that?

If this is a tomb for a king:

  • Why are there no pictures of the king inside? 
  • Why are they so perfect in design? 
  • Why use 3 different standards for measurement?(Cubits, metres and inches) 
  • How is the first man made structure over 40 storeys earthquake proof? Where did this knowledge come from? 
  • Who placed advanced astrological measures in the design?

One thing is certain : The Fibonacci code has been used consistently in their construction, but apart from the Fibonacci series the pyramid design holds other important numeric codes. The architect of the pyramid knew much more about advanced mathematics and human psychology than we gave credit for. 

"The Fibonacci series and other Pyramid numbers gives traders a competitive edge in trading."

"So, what is the Fibonacci series and how does it help me make money?"


This book will leave you in no doubt as to the importance and relevance of the Fibonacci sequence, as well as other phenomenon that may not have been considered for trading purposes. There are some special insights revealed after exhaustive studies of the pyramids that make for compelling discussion. The book and movie are my way of explaining this natural mathematical law. I have deliberately made it very simple in layout and design with plenty of charts and graphics to unravel the mystery.

"When you know the power of these numbers, you can take advantage of increased opportunities that many other traders don't recognise."

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Please note: This is not some shady business promising to put money into your bank account overnight. It is going to take time to learn, plan and execute. If you're looking for a magic pill that makes money with zero effort - you wont find it here. That's what casinos are for, but the losers far outweigh the winners...

The great benefit to learning these statistical facts is that they can be used to easily forecast potential support and resistance times and prices into the future. Learning these signals can give you warnings weeks and months ahead of time of potential reversals in market direction.

Why does the Earth and the Sun affect trading? You wont believe your eyes...

These signals are not hard to learn, indeed once you understand the concepts you can apply them to any market. Used carefully with the understanding of the concepts, you can be prepared WEEKS and MONTHS ahead of time when your trade could be at risk. This allows traders to make educated decisions and maximise their trade potential by working on proven results and not just guessing!! 

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I wish you every success, I look forward to helping you become a great market trader...and when your friends ask you how you did it, please send them to my website !

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