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Ever wonder how they do it? How do some traders make millions while others just keep losing?

Learn from the benefit of my hindsight with the manual and avoid some costly mistakes...

After the book 'Trading with the Gods' was released, I was totally overwhelmed, surprised and unprepared for the literally hundreds of emails in gratitude for my work. I put the book into print hoping that someone would read it and learn from my experiences, and judging by the comments it exceeded my wildest expectations.

Inevitably, though, the same burning question kept coming up:

What more  can you show me?

I then set about putting the other tools and techniques together in the same easy, simple format that the book had shown to be so popular.

I spoke to dozens of learner traders to find out what they wanted, what they needed in a training package, and what they currently were not able to get.

Designed for the market trader who wants to do more than just guess or rely on others, the Trading DNA manual explores some very advanced techniques in simple, plain language so you can start to apply them straight away.

You can apply the same rules and techniques to any finance market: forex, cfd, stock market, bonds, ...they all react the same way because they are all traded by human traders reacting to fear, hope, and greed.

In the manual, we cover:

  • Psychology: why some excel whilst many fail 
  • Chart patterns: signals to buy and sell including my own proprietary patterns you can't get anywhere else 
  • Dates   : Why some dates every month and every year offer exceptional opportunities 
  • Time  : How cycles work and how to spot them 
  • Price  : Markets do NOT move randomly, even in the wildest swings they can be measured and quantified 
  • Angles  : How the great W.D.Gann measured Time and Price in one tool with devastating accuracy 
  • Fibonacci  : Natures own building code 
  • Trading Plan: why you need to plan ahead 
  • King of Charts: my interpretation of Swing Charts 
  • Square of 9: A tool for Gann enthusiasts for forecasting 

This comprehensive set of instructions is fully backed up with weekly Weekly video reportsemails and video broadcasts.

You will be able to log in and see weekly reports keeping you fresh and up to date. And, importantly, the weekly videos and updates are FREE .

Yes, FREE!

I really want you to succeed, because we all know that personal references are the best advertising any business can get. When you become a successful market trader, your friends will ask you how you did it and I hope you will be kind enough to tell them about my services.

So, the manual contains a wealth of wisdom and information tested by the great market traders in the past, some of my own experiences and techniques, backed up by weekly videos and emails all designed to give you the very best chance of living your dreams.

To help you learn, you will get the material in a downloadable PDF file, or we will print out the manual for you and mail it immediately.

Take a look at this video introduction to the manual:


Order the Trading DNA manual today and start learning and earning...

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Key Benefits:

  • FREE full lifetime support, our mission is to answer your email within 24 hours or the next working day. 
  • FREE weekly video reports sent to an email address of your choice to help you maximise your potential and keep you focussed 
  • FREE Weekly web cast that looks at the week just gone and the signals evident from the manual teachings 
  • FREE from any other ongoing costs or subscriptions. You never need to pay another cent to remain a member.

For some traders, we understand the need to budget and we have some excellent options to get you started. Please visit the order page by clicking on the button and check out our options.

Order the Trading DNA manual today and start learning and earning...
To order your copy, click here.



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